Course of Training

The course of training begins on the first working day of July. Every trainee should, therefore, join the college positively on that day, failing which his name will be struck off after waiting for three days. No separate letter will be sent to them in this connection. Deputation allowance is calculated from the date of his joining. No deputation allowance is admissible if the trainee does not complete the course. Continuous absence for 30 days will entail cancellation of enrolment. A minimum of 75 % attendance at classes, both theoretical and practical, in each subject is compulsory.

On the 1st. July students are introduced to the Principal and teachers for orientation. Throughout the year students participate in college annual sports, debate, workshop, seminar, reunion, drama competition and various other social activities. The college observes Netaji’s Birthday, Republic day, Independence day, Youth day, Rabindra Jayanti, West Bengal state university, Barasat foundation day, Teachers’ day, etc. Students will have to sit for pre-Test and Test.

WBUTTEPA (West Bengal University of Teachers' Training, Education Planning and Administration) (DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION)

A. Semester-I (Full Marks-500)
Theory: 325
Practicum: 175

Semester-I (Theory)
1. Childhood and Growing Up
1st Half: Development and its Characteristics – 50 Marks
2nd Half: Aspects of Development – 50 Marks
2. Contemporary India and Education
1st Half: Education in Post Independent India – 50 Marks
2nd Half: Policy Framework for Education in India – 50 Marks
3.Language Across Curriculum – 50 Marks
4. Understanding Disciplines and Subjects – 50 Marks
5. Reading and Reflecting on Text – 25 Marks

SEMESTER-I (Practicum)
Engagement with the Field/Practicum/Seminar/Workshop…..
1. Childhood and Growing Up – 25 Marks 
2. Contemporary India and Education – 25 Marks 
3. Language Across The Curriculum – 50 Marks 
4. Understanding Disciplines and Subjects – 50 Marks 
5. Reading and Reflecting on Text – 25 Marks

B. Semester-II
Theory – 325 Marks(90 Internal assessment + 235 External Assessment)
Practicum – 175 Marks(70 Internal assessment + 105 External Assessment)

Semester-I (Theoretical)
1. Learning and Teaching
1st Half: Learning – 50 Marks
2nd Half: Teaching – 50 Marks
2. Pedagogy of School Subject (Part-I) – 50 Marks
3. Knowledge and Curriculum (Part-I) – 50 Marks
4. Assessment for Learning
1st Half: Assessment of the Learning Process – 50 Marks
2nd Half: Assessment of the Learning System – 50 Marks
5. Drama and Art in Education – 25 Marks

SEMESTER-II (Practicum)
Engagement with the Field
1. Learning and Teaching – 25 Marks 
2. Pedagogy of School Subject (Part-I) – 50 Marks 
3. Knowledge and Curriculum (Part-I) – 25 Marks 
4. Assessment for Learning – 50 Marks 
5. Drama and Art in Education – 25 Marks

C. Semester-III (Full Marks 500)
1. Theory 1.3.7.B (Pedagogy Part-II) – 50 Marks
2. School Internship – 350 Marks
3. Practicum 1.3.7.B (Pedagogy Part-II) – 25 Marks
4. Community-based Activities – 75 Marks

D. Semester-IV (Full Marks 500)
Theory – 300 Marks (90 Internal assessment + 210 External Assessment)
Practicum – 200 Marks (80 Internal assessment + 120 External Assessment)

Semester-IV (Theory)
1. Gender, School, and Society – 50 Marks 
2. Knowledge and Curriculum (Part-II) – 50 Marks 
3. Creating and Inclusive School – 50 Marks 
4. Optional Course* – 50 Marks 
5. Critical Understanding of ICT – 50 Marks 
6. Yoga Education: Self-Understanding and Development – 50 Marks

Semester –IV : Practicum/ Hand on Experience/ Students’ Activity Seminar/ Workshop etc.
1. Gender, School and Society – 25 Marks
2. Knowledge and Curriculum (Part-II) – 25 Marks
3. Creating and Inclusive School – 25 Marks
4. Optional Course* – 25 Marks
5. Critical Understanding of ICT – 50 Marks
6. Yoga Education: Self-Understanding and Development – 50

Pattern of questions for theoretical Examination (For 35 Marks)
2 marks 5 objective type questions (Out of 7) = 10 marks
5 marks 3 Short type questions (Out of 5) = 15 marks
10 marks 1 Essay type question (Out of 2) = 10 marks

A candidate shall have to 50% overall to pass in each course. (40% marks is the qualifying marks in each theory / Practicum Separately)



Attendance at daily prayers, lectures, tutorials, practice- teaching, college examinations, college celebrations, co-curricular activities, etc. is compulsory. No trainee of the college will be allowed to accept any employment, private Tuition, etc. during the period of training. Candidates who have any examination due are not admitted.


Selected applicants will appear at an interview. No traveling allowance is admissible. Candidate must produce at the time of interview their University degrees, original mark-sheets, original certificates of co-curricular activities, the School Final certificate for evidence of age and the migration certificate.


Application for admission in the printed form should reach the Principal in due time. Forms can be obtained from the College. Application by a teacher-candidate must be forwarded by the school where he is serving, along with a copy of the resolution of the Managing Committee authorizing him to undergo this training.

We are proud of our students Sri Partha Pratim Chakraborty of Session 2011-12 and Sri Dipankar Gayen of Session 2013-14 have secured the highest marks in the B.Ed final examinations of the respective sessions conducted by the WBSU (West Bengal State University ).

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