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Hostel of the college plays an important part in its training program. The college and the hostel form a single unit. Therefore, it goes without saying that the trainees should abide by not only the rules and discipline of the college, but also those of the hostel.
Discipline in day-to-day life helps to bring forth one’s latent potentialities in a systematic manner. Not only that, it promotes a healthy relation between the teachers, the taught and the management to live a healthy community life, thereby making them imbibe a spirit of service and mutual co-operation, which is essential in the pursuit of knowledge.

(1) Principal with the help of the hostel superintendent look after the conduct and discipline of the trainees. Superintendent will report any breach of discipline to the Principal.
(2) Trainees have to join the hostel on the day the new session begins. Boarders must bring their own bedding ( including bed-sheet, bed-cover, table cloth and mosquito curtain, etc.
(3) Allotment of seats will be made by the authorities.
(4) Rules are subject to additions and alterations.
(5) Any meeting or assembly in the hostel premises will require the formal approval of the Principal.


  1. No visitor should be taken inside the room at any time.
  2. Friends, acquaintances or guests of the trainees will in no case be entertained inside the hostel.
  3. Visitors may be received in the Visitors’ Room during specific hours fixed by the college authorities (Time : 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. & 4.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m.).
  4. No vendors or salesman are allowed to enter the hostel.


  • Absenting oneself from the class while being present in the hostel, without specific permission from the Principal, will be considered a serious irregularity.
  • It is absolutely necessary for every trainee to be present on the first day of the new session and on the re-opening day of the college after a vacation.
  • All intended absence, short or long, should be recorded clearly in the Leave Register lying with the superintendent including the address of the trainee during the leave period.
  • No trainee is permitted to remain in the hostel during vacation ( if not otherwise decided by the college authority)
  • A formal application to the Principal should be made for any absence from an examination. Such absence without prior permission of the Principal is not allowed.
  • Attendance in prayer, community work, lectures, tutorials, teaching– practice & demonstration classes , etc, is compulsory.
  • Trainees must participate in all cultural and social functions arranged under the guidance of the college authority from time to time.


  1. Allotment of rooms and seats are made at the discretion of the college authority.
  2. Trainees must keep their rooms tidy and belongings decently arranged. They are to wash their own utensils after each meal.
  3. The inmates of a room are collectively held responsible for all fittings and furniture in their respective rooms. Any damage, other than wear and tear, will be chargeable to the inmates collectively.
  4. Playing cards, listening to radio or any game involving gambling , etc. is strictly prohibited.
  5. News papers, periodicals, etc. should not be taken out of the Reading Room.
  6. Trainees must observe strict discipline and silence during study hour & prayer.

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